VITRAN – Virgin Islands Transit


VITRAN Mission Statement

The mission of the Virgin Islands Department of Public Works (VIDPW), Division of Transportation is to oversee and promote public transit as a viable transportation option within the Territory. VITRAN, the Territory’s public transit system, aims to connect riders to a multimodal, surface and water transit system allowing for technologically advanced, safe, *reliable *and *affordable * connections to employment, education, healthcare and other essential or leisure services.

VIDPW aims to better serve the public through continuous improvements to the transit system ensuring the safety of our clients, accessibility and supporting the economic progress and energy efficiency of the U.S. Virgin Islands as a whole.

Division of Public Transportation Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Public Transportation is to promote public transit as a viable transportation option in the Territory. The Division was created to maintain and improve public transportation services in the U. S. Virgin Islands. The Division has responsibility for transportation planning, highway research, planning oversight of the Virgin Islands Public Transit System (VITRAN) Public Parking Lots, and all traffic control devices to include pavement markings, traffic signs and the traffic signal control systems. 

The Office of Public Transportation, a component of the Division, has been designated as the grant recipient for the Territory’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Urbanized Area Formula (UAF) Grant Program administered by the Federal Transit Administration.