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Coming Soon!!

VITRAN RouteMatch is a free mobile app that will give you real-time information on fixed route schedules, arrival times, routes, and stop information. Additionally, you can subscribe to notifications which alerts you of any changes to routes or schedules due to weather conditions, construction or other incidents. You can also save your favourite routes for quick access. The app will have three main features for the rider to utilize
  • Where’s My Bus: Allows riders to find their bus’s current real-world location and the amount of time they have left to wait.
  • Schedule: Provides the agency’s full schedule, which the rider can browse to help plan their ride.
  • Locate Me: Uses GPS to find stops that are near the rider’s current situation.

VITRAN RouteMatch will be available on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, or Android tablets for free.

For more information or to schedule an interview call 340-773-1664, Ext. 4225.

Available Now

Currently, VITRAN is utilizing RouteMatch on all three islands for the ADA Paratransit service. VITRAN Paratransit service is a shared-ride with curb-to-curb public transportation for people whose disability prevents them from using the Fixed Route Bus Service (regular city buses). This system allows us to store customer information (home address, phone number, etc.), create schedules to optimize pick ups and drop offs, and to provide real time updates to our drivers on customer trips.

VITRAN is also currently working on implementing RouteMatch on Fixed Route buses that will provide real-time information for schedules, arrival times, routes, and stops. This system also comes with a free app that will be available to the public in 2021.

Registered Paratransit users are put into the RouteMatch system that optimizes trips based on locations. Schedules are then sent to the drivers’ tablets for pickups and drop offs. The drivers also receive real time updates about the customers and their trips (e.g., When a customer is ready to be picked up or when a customer cancels their trip.)  The RouteMatch also uses a GPS system that locates the customers’ homes for pickups and drop offs.

For more information on RouteMatch call 340-773-1664, Ext. 4233.