VITRAN – Virgin Islands Transit


How do I apply for VITRAN plus paratransit service?

Download and complete the application form.

You may also request an application for ADA Paratransit service by calling the Paratransit ADA Office at 773-1664, Ext. 4225 and ask that the application be mailed, emailed, or faxed to you.  
Applications are also available for pick-up in person from the Department of Public Works’ at the Paratransit ADA Office on St. Croix.  If you are on St. Thomas you can pick up an application at VITRAN Office locate in 3016 Estate Contant, on St. John at the Department of Public Works #6 Susannaberg. Please indicate if you need the application in an accessible format or in a foreign language.

Completing the Application

  • As the applicant, complete Part I of the application, all questions must be answered completely, and the form must be signed by the applicant, representative or guardian. 
  • Part II of the application should be completed by a Licensed Medical Health Professional, depending on the disability. 
  • Once the application has been completed in its entirety, hold onto the application and call the Paratransit ADA Office at 773-1664, Ext. 4225 to schedule an in-person application interview. 
  • If you need transportation to and from the interview, just ask when you make your appointment and transportation will be provided free of charge. 
  • Fill out both parts of the application. If the application is not completely filled out, it will be returned to you.  
  • The ADA Office has 21 calendar days to approve or disapprove an application. If this process is not completed within 21 days, in compliance with ADA Sec 37.125 (c), the applicant is presumed eligible and may use paratransit service until a decision is made. 
  • Once the certification process is completed, eligibility determination letters will be sent to the applicant, which will document whether the applicant is ADA paratransit eligible.

If I am denied ADA eligibility, can I appeal?

If an applicant is denied eligibility, the applicant may appeal the decision either in writing or be heard in person. Appeals must be filed in writing within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the notification letter to the applicant denying eligibility. 

Mail the Appeal form to: 

ADA Office Division of Transportation
6002 Estate Anna’s Hope
Christiansted, St. Croix, V.I. 00820-4422 

Upon receipt of your letter of appeal, ADA Compliance Officer will notify you of the location and time of the appeals hearing to be conducted within thirty (30) days. Applicants will have the opportunity to appear before an Appeals Committee. The applicant must provide his/her own transportation to the appeals hearing.

The Appeals Committee is a three (3) person board consisting of individuals not involved in the original eligibility determination. You will have the opportunity to be represented at the hearing and you may present information and arguments.  
Within thirty (30) days of the hearing, applicants will be notified in writing of the Appeals Committee’s decision by mail. The decision of the Appeals Committee will be final. 

How Much Does VITRAN Plus Paratransit Cost?

The cost of a trip on VITRAN is twice the cost of the same trip if it were taken on the fixed route-route system. For each trip on VITRAN Plus Paratransit you will pay $2.00 

Ride Reservations

Book your trip by 4:30 PM the day before you wish to ride.  Reservations can be made every day from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM.

Reservations should be made by calling:

St. Croix

(340) 773-1664
Ext. 4225

St. Thomas

(340) 774-5678

St. John

(340) 774-0165
(340) 626-4010